Esperia Technology Srl, has its headquarters in Brendola – Vicenza about 80 km far from Venice in the Veneto region, the industrial center of north-eastern of Italy.

Esperia works in the metallurgical industry for about 25 years, and produces in its factories all products, based on high technology following the latest market trends with particular attention to the “design” and sales strategies without neglecting the services and paying attention to the control of all the phases of assembly.

Our engineers work every day to develop and improve the quality of the environment by using new ecological and recyclable materials and ensuring the high efficiency of our products.

Esperia products are born from the high-precision laser cutting and from the high technology automatic punching.

Esperia pellet stoves are manufactured in different models and with different colors, with powers of 7,5-8,5-10-14 for the air stoves and 15-20-25 kW for the water type models.

The components used for the production of pellet stoves manufactured by Esperia are coming from the European production, such as electronic circuit that allows you to program the switching on and off every day of the week individually or in two special programs: MONDAY to FRIDAY ( programmings will stored in the same way for every day from Monday to Friday) or SATURDAY and SUNDAY (the programming will be stored in the same way for Saturdays and Sundays).

The technology of the VERTICAL heat exchanger, allows a high heat exchanging and an easy daily cleaning.

Esperia stoves are equipped with the following components series:

  • Circulation pump 15/6 (WILO)
  • Expansion vessel 8 Lt. (CIMM-Italy)
  • Safety valve 1/2 3 bar (Rastelli) Italian
  • Automatic vent valve 10 bar 110 C (Rastelli) Italian

The stoves by Esperia are produced in various different models with different colors.

Esperia is working also with the OEM system, giving their customers the opportunity to sell a fully personalized product under its own brand and especially with its own “Design.”

Esperia designs, manufactures and delivers a finished product, packaged, complete with instruction manuals and installation in 5 languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish).

Esperia products comply with the European regulations and are CERTIFIED TÜV and IMQ.

UNI EN 14785: 2006: European standard reference for residential heating appliances fueled by wood pellets.

Each ESPERIA product is completely checked before shipment.

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