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Presents:  HYDRO line

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HYDRO line is a line of pellet boilers 100% Made in Italy. Developed with "TWICE" System, an automatic cleaning mechanism that cleans simultaneously brazier and turbolators. TWICE operates simultaneously and perfectly with every kind of pellet, avoiding the bildup of combustion residues.

HYDRO line (the product) complies with European norm EN 303-5:2012. The conformity to these regulations is certified by Tüv Rheinland.

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        Efficiency ClassClass5 Efficiency measured on water Casa Pell



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The reason for a choice:

The reasons for the purchase of a product are very important and fundamental to a proper choice.

In case of a pellet stove, the main choice falls on the ability to efficiency, low consumption, security, aesthetics, design and at last on technical assistance, which plays a key role in proper functioning.



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    Safety, a synonym of quality


    Extrastove pellet stoves are certified according to international rules



     15 a B-VG  -  EN 14785  -  CE  -  BAFA 

     The certifyng authority, wich guarantees the overcoming of the various tests is       logo tuv



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Extrastove pellet

Address: 25/27 Via dell'Impresa
36040 Brendola (VI) - Italy

Tel: 0444 401108

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