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HYDRO line is a line of pellet boilers 100% Made in Italy.

HYDRO line (the product)complies with European norm EN303-5:2012.
The conformity to these regulations is certified by Tüv Rheinland.

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The reason for a choice:

The reasons for the purchase of a product are very important and fundamental to a proper choice.

In case of a pellet stove, the main choice falls on the ability to efficiency, low consumption, security, aesthetics, design and at last on technical assistance, which plays a key role in proper functioning.



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    Safety, a synonym of quality


    Extrastove pellet stoves are certified according to international rules



     15 a B-VG  -  EN 14785  -  CE  -  BAFA 

     The certifyng authority, wich guarantees the overcoming of the various tests is       logo tuv



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Extrastove pellet

Address: 25/27 Via dell'Impresa
36040 Brendola (VI) - Italy

Tel: 0444 401108

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